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, Cairo

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  • 1.0

    الاكل سيء جدا السمبوسة ماهي مستوية الكوارع سايطة الرز ملصق في بعض المومبار سيء waste of money

  • 1.0

    مطعم سئ

    الأكل تأخر جدا وطعمه ليس جيد والطلب ناقص أشياء بالرغم من أنه مدفوع مسبقا

  • 1.0

    very very very bad experience/they gave me the worst food and then sent me something else without getting the diff in price/I'm not pleased

  • 3.0

    بارد و وحش اوي

  • 1.0

    Not good

    Took them 45 mins to confirm the order, and the delivery was late 10 mins as well. Too expensive, yet very small portions. The orzo soup was very salty and was put in a cheap unhealthy plate. Don't recommended to anyone.

  • 1.0


  • 1.0

    Dont ever order sharkasia it was awful !!!!!! Really so baddddddd

  • 1.0

    الاكل جه

    ناقص عيش وبدون معالق وده تقييم وحش اوي

  • 1.0

    وايد يتاخر

    والله مول مب اوك

  • 3.0

    when u have lunch at dinner time...and cold sandwiches that

  • 4.0


    I don't usually review resturants but el haty deserves recognition amazing food you can order anything from the menu and not worry about taste. Only problem is long delivery time other than that its brilliant

  • 3.0

    لو مش قريب منه مطلبش

    اسوا دليفرى فى مواعيده طالب الاكل الساعة 2 ظ وبلغونى بانه حيوصل بعد 100 دقيقة ووصل الساعة 5.45 يعنى بعد حوالى 4 ساعات

  • 1.0

    أسوء تجربة طعام بحياتي

    اولا التوصيل حوالي ساعة و ٤٥ دقيقة الاكل جاي واقع من الاطباق و مش سخن طعم الاكل غير شهي بالمرة تقريبا مكلتوش بالكامل نصيحة متحاولش تطلب او تاكل من هذا المطعم

  • 2.0

    wasn't like expected

    normally I get salads or side dishes with the order or at least bread from any other place and I was expecting this.

  • 1.0

    Very late delivery, food quality beed improvement

  • 5.0


  • 3.0

    They put cold salads with hot food so the salads arrive hot.

  • 1.0

    بصراحة خدمة سيئة واسلوب سيئ في الكلام

  • 2.0

    Very bad odour

    Not cooked well

  • 2.0

    Good food but too slow

  • 1.0

    The Worst!!

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